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Do you own cherished, valuable gold jewelry, but are willing to sell it for an honest, fair payout? At Sell Gold Jewelry for Cash, we’re the most trustworthy one-stop shop to sell your gold valuables in New York City. Whether it’s gold coins, your favorite bracelet, or your excess broken jewelry, we will assess your valuables and make you an offer you can’t refuse. Selling gold in Queens for fast cash has never been easier!

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Gold is a valuable product to invest in. If you have invested in gold, inherited gold, or acquired it by another means and are looking to sell it for cash, Sell Gold Jewelry for Cash will buy it from you with the highest cash offer in New York City! Give us a call at 347-506-0171 for more information on our cash for gold services.

Sell Gold Jewelry for Cash is a trustworthy gold dealer. We guarantee the highest prices for your gold! Sell gold confidently at our licensed and insured location in New York City. Free appraisal and instant cash payouts. Call 347-506-0171 now!

Sell Gold Jewelry for Cash pays top dollar for:

  • Gold rings
  • Brokenrings
  • Unmatched gold earrings
  • Gold pendants
  • Gold chains
  • Gold bracelets
  • Knotted or kinked gold chains
  • Gold earrings
  • Gold necklaces
  • Gold coins
  • Gold pins
  • Gold broaches
  • Dental gold
  • Gold class rings
  • Items with missing stones
  • 10kt-24kt gold items
  • Scrap gold
  • Fine gold
  • Finished gold
  • Gold watch bands
  • Gold dental crowns and bridgework
  • Gold coins and bars
  • Melted gold
  • Gold wire
  • Gold sheets
  • Casting gold and grain
  • Gold nuggets
  • Gold alloys

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Sell Gold Jewelry for Cash will provide you cash today for your gold jewelry. With gold prices at an all-time high, we will give you the highest payout in New York City…instantly! Sell Gold Jewelry for Cash tests each individual item to give you the best price possible. We eliminate the middle man and pass the savings on to you. So, don’t worry about those bills…bring in your gold today and walk out with cash in your hand!

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The value of gold has reached a record high. Don’t miss this opportunity to sell your class rings, chains, necklaces, charm bracelets, wedding bands, mountings, antique items, dental gold, scrap gold, and broken jewelry for top dollar. Bring us your gold and receive instant cash. If it’s gold…we want it!

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Get the cash you need for your gold TODAY from the leading location in College Point for selling gold safely and securely. Sell Gold Jewelry for Cash is the most trustworthy gold buyer in Queens. Our certified gold experts are always available to provide you the true value of your jewelry and offer the maximum price for your gold. We guarantee the best price every time.

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