Sell Gold for cash is your one stop for silver, diamond and gold sales. Our educated and professional staff offers a fair appraisal and fair market value for your silver. Whether you have silver coins, silver jewelry or broken jewelry containing silver, we will be able to asses its worth.

Silver is everywhere and in a lot of items. How do we know when silver is valuable and when it is not? Bring your silver into Sell Gold for Cash and we will quickly let you know how valuable it may be. We offer fair and honest pricing at our College Point location and offer a same day payout.

Sell Gold for Cash in New York City is your convenient location for your jewelry, diamond and gold! If you have acquired jewelry that is beyond repair and you think it may have some value, then bring it to us! If you have discovered old coins or have inherited them then bring them in! Our staff is certified and offers educated prices and fair market value for your unwanted jewelry and coins. Don’t let something of value collect dust!

Sell Gold for Cash will Purchase:

  • Silverjewelry
  • Silver Bracelets
  • Silver Necklaces
  • Silver Chains
  • Knotted Silver Chains
  • Silver earrings
  • Silver Rings

SWe appraise every item brought to us and make sure you get fair market value for it. Leave with cash today! We are here to make selling your heirlooms and valuables safe and simple. We understand the importance of fair and honest pricing standards and our educated and certified buyers understand your gold or jewelry may have sentimental value and deserves fair market value.

Get Top Dollar

Maybe you have silver laying around that you know has value but have no use for it. Get some positive cash flow going and bring your silver, diamonds and gold to our buyers at Sell Gold for Cash in New York City. Our buyers make the process simple, and with a fair market assessment of your piece you know you are getting an honest payout.

It is important you get what you deserve for your heirlooms and Jewelry. We are here to provide you with fair pricing and a professional environment. Silver can hold quite a value in the right market. The staff at Sell Gold for Cash can help you understand what kind of cash you will get for your silver at the current market value. We offer same day payout making the process both quick and convenient. Don’t miss out cashing in on a potential investment. Your broken gold watch could be worth quite a bit. Bring your potential investment into our store today and we will give you a fair and honest price!

We offer Free appraisal and instant cash payouts

You will find Sell Your Gold For Cash conveniently located at:

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