Sell Gold For Cash is your trusted gold watch buyer in college point. Located conveniently in Manhattan, we offer fair and honest prices for your gold, silver and diamond watches. As certified and educated buyers we understand the importance of fair and honest pricing standards. We understand your gold or jewelry may have sentimental value and deserves fair market value.

We offer cash on the spot for your gold watches at current market value. Do you own broken watches but want to sell them for an honest and fair payout? Sell Gold for Cash is the most trustworthy one stop location to sell watches, jewelry and gold in New York City. We are here to give you a fair assessment and fair market value.

Get a Return On Your Investment

Gold is considered one of the few items that never loses it value. Generations of people have gone looking for gold knowing that it will always have a guaranteed payout. If you are holding on to a watch, gold, silver or diamonds that you think may have some value then stop into Sell Gold for Cash in College Point or call at 347-506-0171 and we will gladly answer any questions you may have about our cash for gold buyer services.

Sell Gold for Cash Will Purchase:

  • Gold rings
  • Broken Rings
  • Unmatched gold earrings
  • Gold pendants
  • Gold chains
  • Gold bracelets
  • Knotted or kinked chains
  • Gold earrings
  • Gold necklaces
  • Gold coins
  • Gold pins
  • Gold broaches
  • Dental gold
  • Gold class Rings
  • Items with missing stones
  • 10kt-24kt Gold items
  • Scrap gold
  • Fine gold
  • Finished gold
  • Gold watch Bands
  • Gold Dental crowns and bridgework
  • Gold Coins and bars
  • Melted Gold
  • Gold wire
  • Gold sheets
  • Casting gold and grain
  • Gold nuggets
  • Gold alloys

Have a Broken Gold Watch?

Sell Gold for Cash in College Point provides the highest payout in New York City and can give you cash today, for your broken gold watch or silver. We appraise each item to ensure you are getting top dollar for your item. Our educated staff will ensure you get the money you need today!

Don’t miss out cashing in on a potential investment. Your broken gold watch could be worth quite a bit. Bring your potential investment into our store today and we will give you a fair and honest price!

Fast and Efficient Payout

The Gold market fluctuates but when the market is high it’s important you don’t miss the opportunity to sell your gold, diamonds, silver and broken dollar for the highest dollar. Don’t hold onto your investment, cash in.

Sell your Gold for Cash is the leading location in College Point for gold sales and purchases. We are a business that believes in fair and honest pricing in a safe and secure environment. We are the most trustworthy gold buyer in Queens. Our certified Gold experts will give you top value for your gold watch and broken jewelry.

We offer Free appraisal and instant cash payouts

You will find Sell Your Cash for Gold conveniently located at:

1830 College Point Blvd
College Point, NY 11356

See us today or call us at 347-506-0171

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